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Date : 7th April 2016
Time : 9:00 am To 5:00 pm
Venue : Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya


The Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) has been introduced by the government to allow for an efficient of tax from the employment income of employee. Effective from 2014, with the introduction of the new Section 77C of the Income Tax Act, 1967, employees who will fulfill certain conditions are given the option to treat the Monthly Tax Deductions (MTD) from their salaries as a final tax with no need to submit their tax return form. It is therefore very critical for the monthly tax deduction to be accurate. Otherwise, employees who opt for this may end up paying more tax (because of over-deduction) without realizing it or paying a penalty should any tax audit be conducted
A proper understanding of the tax laws and regulations on MTD is important to enable the Human Resource (HR) Department of companies to manage the Employers obligations vis-a-vis the law as well as to safeguard the employees interest in the process.
This one day program will assist the participants to appreciate the principles behind the working of MTD laws and regulations, understand the rather complex computation formulas involved and in the process, to guide the HR department in designing remuneration packages and employees benefits that are more tax efficient. In addition, the obligation of employers under the Income Tax Act will also be covered.
This course will be presented through reference to the relevant Income Tax laws and regulations, detailed explanation and computation with the use of case studies to ensure easier and better understanding by the participants.

  • Monthly tax deductions - an overview
  • The principles involved in MTD
  • Definitions of remuneration & perquisites (including benefits-in-kinds, living accommodation, gratuity & compensation)
  • Compensation of remuneration for MTD
  • Condition for deductions (including Forms TP 1, TP 2 & TP 3)
  • MTD formula for normal & additional remuneration
  • Reliefs & deductions
  • Monthly tax deduction - 4 case studies
  • Specialised employment situation
    • Serving abroad
    • Serving in Malaysia for less than 60 days
    • Non citizens working for certain companies in Malaysia
    • Operational headquarter companies / regional office / international procurement centres
  • Budget 2016 Proposal - individual's perspective
  • New Section 77C - Deduction as a final tax (concession & the applicable conditions)
  • Content of the Return Form E - an overview
  • Notification of exceptions – Form CP 21 & CP 22
  • Employer's obligation & responsibilities - under the MTD rules
  • Documentation to be retained
  • Tax penalties

Mr. Vincent Josef began his career with the Inland Revenue Board in 1968 and cover the next 35 years, he served in various Branches, earning himself a wide command of the numerous demands of Malaysian taxation. Prior to his recent retirement, he was with the Operations Division of the Boards Headquaters where he held the position of Assistant Director General.

He also represented the Director General in both the Subordinate and High Courts in prosecution and civil suit matters; his expertise includes Corporate and Business Taxation, Investigation, Civil Suit and Prosecution and Schedular Tax Deductions. With the introduction of the Schedular Tax Deductions System, Mr. Josef was appointed to manager the Department, overseeing Practice Management, Enforcement and Employer Education throughout Malaysia.

Mr. Josef has wide experience in lecturing at IRB events and Malaysian professional institutions including Chartered Taxation Institution of Malaysia (CTIM) and the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).
With his 45-year presence in taxation, Mr. Vincent Josef currently manages his own practice providing taxation consultancy services on Tax Audits and Investigation matters and "Problem Resolution". He recently wrote a book "Tax Audit and Investigation Guide - Malaysia" published by CCH Malaysia and also serves as its Consultant Editor in respect of the Malaysian Master Tax Guide.

  • HR & Payroll Manager / Executives
  • Accounts & Administrative Executives
  • Business Manager
  • Compensation Specialist.

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