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MEF Academy Symposium 2015

Date : 6th& 7th October 2015
Time : 9:00 am To 5:00 pm
Venue : Hotel Holiday Villa, Subang


Malaysian businesses encountered numerous challenges over the past few years with the implementation of a slew of Employment Legislations and Initiatives. There were also amendments to existing Legislations and impact of Globalization, Trade Agreements, ASEAN Single Market and International Standards compliance! Put all these together, it can be earth-shattering in terms of cost, resources and business sustainability.

This Symposium brings together a team of Experts, Professionals and Senior Government Leaders who will share with participants on the challenges ahead and also provide lasting solutions to issues related to Human Trafficking, HR Measurements and the ever sensitive subjects of Wage Index, HR Rightsizing and a host of other Employment issues that emerged in the last few years.

This Symposium aims to highlight the challenges faced by Employers and the Business Community and discuss various guidelines that require compliance whilst considering the measures that can be taken to face these challenges!


Session 1 : IMPACT OF NEW LABOUR LEGISLATIONS & INITIATIVES (Speaker : Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan)

  • Malaysian Employers and Industries continue to face an unending wave of changes and new legislations, initiatives and government policies that impact on the cost of doing business. Businesses have to adapt and grapple with the implementation of Minimum Wages, MRA, proposed EIS, Social Protection, GST etc. There were also revisions of existing rules and regulations. All these pose new challenges to Employers.How the Industries react and respond to this changing landscape is important to remain competitive!

Session 2 : HUMAN TRAFFICKING – WHAT EMPLOYERS SHOULD KNOW! (Speaker : Pn. Syuhaida Abdul Wahab Zen)

  • Employment of Foreign Workers due to the shortage of Malaysian Workers is a normal business strategy to meet the needs of the Industry. The number of Foreign Workers in the Country has exceeded three million and the Nation was shocked by the revelation of human tracking activities which caused Malaysia to be ranked at the bottom of a survey published recently. Malaysian Employers are encouraged to reduce reliance on Foreign Workers. However, many issues surfaced and the fact remains that Malaysians are unwilling and reluctant to undertake low skill 3D jobs that do not meet their expectations and life-styles! A subject that has now received global attention and the Speaker will put these issues in proper perspective.


  • ISO has diversified their activities from setting standards on quality and safety of products to developing standards on a slew of management and social behaviour Standards. The extended standards development now covers Social Responsibilities, Business Collaboration, Outsourcing, Procurement and in the eld of Human Resource Management (HRM), just to name a few. The focus on setting Global Standards on HRM was initiated by Developed Economies who orchestrated a surge of activities which proposed standards on, among others, competencies, recruitment, HR conduct and expectations. The rapid pace of these developments and lack of participation by Developing Countries were cause for concern by HR Professionals and Industries. Guidelines and drafts on Human Governance, Workforce Planning and a host of other HR functions are in the pipeline. What are the impacts and consequences on Developing Countries?


  • Workforce-related costs are signicant operating expenses for Organizations. In most cases, this will escalate year to year. Workforce-related costs can range from 20% to as much as 70% of organizational operating expenses. Employers across the globe have embarked on research and surveys to formulate measurable returns on workforce investment.These numbers and ratios are depended upon by businesses so that they continue to remain competitive in a very challenging global environment. Measurements and metrics are indispensable tools to optimise investment in people. The Speaker will explore the findings of a recent Survey by CIPD and tools to measure cost eciency, timelines, yields and labour costs.



  • In the aftermath of implementing the Minimum Wages in Malaysia, the unending discussions and debates continued on what is "a fair wage” and "the return on investments” for paying such wages. Productivity is a popular buzz word and how do you determine that wages paid should extract the desired productivity. Is there a wage index that would help determine fair wages for each skill or job? What are the crucial factors for companies to determine wage as costs spiral? What is the benchmark? The Speaker will share his views on the components of a good wage system and probably debunk the theory that Malaysia is caught in the middle income trap!


  • Asean Economic Community 2015 is already at our door-step. Are we ready to take on the challenges and seize the opportunity that is available to the whole of the ASEAN Employment and Business Community? In 2007, ASEAN government leaders accelerated the time frame for the implementation of the AEC to 2015 from 2020. Based on the plan, ASEAN will function as a single production base with free movement of goods and services, investments, skilled labour and freer capital ows. Most importantly, the Distinguished Speaker will share with you the latest developments on the Role of Human Capital in economic growth.

Session 3 : RIGHTSIZING PHENOMENON – IT IS NOT A CHOICE!(Speaker : Puan Nora Abd Manaf)

  • In today’s business environment, HR Professionals face the daunting task of managing the "downsizing” of workforce, or for better choice of word, "Rightsizing”. It can be the most challenging role in his or her career as the exercise can be immersed in emotions, disappointments and at times hysterical outburst. Rightsizing requires inter-personal skills, empathy and careful treatment of sensitivities. Manpower rationalization in some organizations is an on-going aair. The economic challenges that swing from boom to bust placed this task on the shoulders of HR Professionals and the unavoidable challenge to see through it, in bad times and good times too!

Session 4 : MANAGING NATIONAL TALENT (Speaker : En. Johan Mahmood Merican )

  • As we moved into the era of Knowledge Management and Hi Technology, did we nd ourselves in a talent vacuum? Are we short of talent in Malaysia? TalentCorp was established with the purpose of drawing back Malaysian talents to enhance Malaysia’s Talent Bank so that Malaysia surges ahead as a developed Nation by 2020. In the private sector, Companies compete for talent and the race to retain talent spawned attractive incentives and wage escalation. The Speaker will share his experiences and challenges in this race to attract and retain talent. Why not develop local talent and how should we do it?

Datuk Hj Shamsuddin heads the MEF Secretariat with a team consisting of 32 professional staff and 20 support staff. As the Executive Director of MEF, Datuk Hj Shamsuddin recommends policies to be pursued by MEF in ensuring that the private sector in Malaysia operates in a more business friendly environment so as to ensure the private sector employers remain competitive. Policies to be pursued by MEF are formulated by the secretariat and after approval by the Council will be submitted to various authorities to ensure that the policies of the Government would not inhibit the vibrancy of the private sector employers. The efficient and effective work of Datuk Hj. Shamsuddin in managing MEF was internationally recognized when he was appointed as the Secretary-General of Confederation of Asia Pacific Employers (CAPE).

Pn Syuhaida Abdul Wahab Zen has been tasked with the responsibility of heading the Secretariat to the Council for Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants (MAPO) since 2011 until October 2012. She was then assigned as the Deputy Undersecretary, International Division since 2012 till present. Amongst her responsibility includes the coordination and implementation of National Action Plans for Anti-Trafficking efforts in Malaysia from 2010 – 2015; formulation of policies, strategies and performance indicators for combating human trafficking and people smuggling efforts as well as engagement with relevant ministries and agencies related to human trafficking in Malaysia particularly in establishing smart partnership with international organizations responsible for human trafficking.

Pn Syuhaida Abdul Wahab Zen graduated with a Bachelor of Human Sciences (Honours) in 1997 and pursued her Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the National University of Malaysia in 2006.

Dr Michael Chiam developed his career in Standard Development when he was trained by UN ILO on Social Dialogue and CSR in Turin in 2003. Subsequently he was appointed as the Industry Expert for Malaysia in the development of ISO 26000 and since then, continued to be exposed to other Standards initiated by ISO. He developed his skills in Standards and certification and held several Technical Committee positions with the Department of Standards at MOSTI. He is now engaged in the development of several Guidelines and Standards in the HRM family of Standards.

He has been in the Corporate Arena for more than 30 years with a diverse background and exposures at the Senior Management level in Malaysia as well as overseas. His last position in a Global Shipping Conglomerate was as Chief of Operations. A Chartered Accountant by profession, he also holds an MBA and Ph.D. He is a Member of MEF Council, President of Commercial Employers Association of Peninsular Malaysia and National Council Member of SME Association.

Mr Matthew Mee has lived and worked in Dubai for the last 7 years – where he headed up HR globally for luxury hospitality company, Jumeirah Group and subsequently joined IBM Smarter Workforce to head up operations across the GCC and Africa. In his earlier career he worked for a number of high profile organisations in senior management roles – including Tussauds Group (now Merlin Entertainments) & Royal Mail Group. He is a specialist in HR Data Analytics and is a much sought after speaker on this subject.

Emeritus Professor Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid is the Executive Director of Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) and was formerly the deputy dean in the School of Postgraduate Studies Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He also served as consultant to many research institutes (ASEAN Secretariat, ESCAP, ADB, UNIDO, MIER, EPU, UPEN Selangor, UPEN Pahang, UPEN Johor and UPEN Kelantan) and governmental task force TWG Income distribution and poverty for RMK9.

Dr. Zakariah is a member of National Consultative Wage Council, Deputy Chairman of National Consultative Wage Technical Committee competition commission (MYCC), Merdeka Award Nomination committee, Advisory committee of the Faculty of Economics and Management , Universiti Putra Malaysia and Advisory Committee for University Utara Malaysia’s Master of Science (Banking by Coursework).

His areas of Specialisation cover: Development Economics, Input output Economics, International Economics, Technological Obsolescence and Change, Structural Change, Malaysian Industrialization, Manpower Planning, AFTA comparative advantage, Textile industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical industry, Islamic Economics, Regional Economics, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM),Income Distribution, Subsidy and GST Reforms, Minimum Wage.

Tan Sri Dr. Rebecca Fatima Sta. Maria is the Secretary-General of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Prior to this appointment, she was the Deputy Secretary-General (Trade) of MITI, providing oversight for the formulation and implementation of Malaysia’s international trade policies and positions. She began her career in the Administrative and Diplomatic Service in 1981 and served in various capacities in the then Ministry of Trade and Industry. In 1988, she was seconded to the ASEAN Plant Quarantine and Training Centre as its Chief Administration and Procurement Officer. She has been involved extensively in ASEAN. In 2006, she chaired the ASEAN Senior Economic Ocials Meeting (SEOM). Currently, she is the Chair of the ASEAN High Level Task Force for Economic Integration. She is also the Vice Chair of the World Economic Forum, Global Agenda Council, South East Asia.

Tan Sri Dr. Rebecca received her Ph.D from the University of Georgia in Athens, U.S.A., and was awarded the Malcolm Knowles Award for the best Ph.D dissertation in the field of Human Resource Development by the American Academy of Human Resource Development in 2000.

Pn Nora Abd Manaf is Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank. Aside from leading the People transformation programme of the Maybank Group since 2009, she is actively engaged in the country’s financial and business employers’ circles in her roles which include Chairman of the Malayan Commercial Banks' Association, Chairman of the Human Resource Management and Development Group under the sponsorship of IBBM and Bank Negara Malaysia. She is the Vice-President of MEF and also a Member of the country’s National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC). In 2013, Nora was inducted into the Global HR 50 World Top 50 Human Resource Professionals.

Pn Nora is a Chartered Accountant and also holds a post-grad certification in Human Resource Development from Cornell University, and is a Gallup Strengths Level II Coach. Nora is a well-known International Speaker with Global speaking engagements on a variety of strategic topics. She also was a Faculty member for a Next50 HR Professionals Programme conducted at Unilever’s Four Acres, UK.

Dato’ Raiha Azni is the Senior Vice President, Group Human Resource Management of PETRONAS. She joined PETRONAS in 1984 and has been in HRM fraternity for more than 30 years. Prior to her post, she was the Vice President of Human Resource Management Division and held various managerial positions in E & P Business. PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd, PETRONAS Gas Berhad and Malaysia International Trading Corporation Sdn Bhd (MITCO).

Dato’ Raiha is a Council Member of the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF), a member of PETRONAS Executive Committee and Talent Council. She holds the Chairman ship of the Board of Directors for Institute Teknology PETRONAS Sdn Bhd (ITPSB) and PETRONAS Technical Training Sdn Bhd (PTTSB). She also serves as Directors to Board of PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd (PMSB), Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd (MMASB) and PETRONAS Lubricants International Sdn Bhd (PLISB).

Dato’ Raiha obtained her Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Syracuse Universtiy New York in 1984 and completed various senior management development programs including INSEAD in 2005.

En Johan Mahmood Merican was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) since its establishment on 1 January 2011. With Malaysia’s wealth of talent and abundance of opportunities, Johan is confident that through the public and private sectors working closely together, we can address the talent needs of our economic transformation.

Johan was previously the Principal Private Secretary to the minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and Ministry of Finance. He has 20 years of experience in policy development, corporate finance and accountancy in both the public and private sectors in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Trained as a chartered accountant, he holds a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge and is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

  • Chairman of Boards and Company Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors
  • Senior Management and Heads of Operations
  • HRM Professionals and Personnel
  • Lawyers, company secretaries, accountants, entrepreneurs and business owners

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