Corporate In House Training


Why in-house training?

In certain situations, public seminars and workshops may not fulfill the needs of certain organizations in terms of topic, areas of focus, method of delivery and also timing and logistic factor. In-house training may offer a more cost effective solution especially if there is a sizeable number of participants. We can design and tailor the programme to the need of individual organization.

What topics do we do?

Most of our public seminar topics can be delivered as in-house training with no modification or with some modification on the outline. Otherwise, you can suggest a topic or a title within our area of expertise in GST, Taxation, Accounting(MFRS and MPERS), Auditing and other financial related topics(including finance for non-finance people) for our consideration.

We also create and provide in-house training for directors of public listed companies.

Who are our clients?

We provide in-house training to corporations, government agencies and trade associations & organizations.

How to proceed?

If you are interested to have an in-house training, kindly complete the initial questionnaire and submit for our quotation and proposal.

Want to get a proposal for in-house training? Questionaire